Kollaborat is a branding agency with offices in Leipzig and Beijing. We develop the conceptual depth of your brand, employing a strategic, processual, unusual and agile approach, to help your company to achieve greater success.


We offer Brand Development, Corporate Design and Editorial Design, focussed on mechanical engineering and the automotive sector, for small to medium-sized companies and industry, on the German and Chinese market. Our customers include organisations and state institutions.

As designers and strategists, we create brand presences. We develop these together with our customers, in a strategic and goal-oriented, likeable and humorous way. This requires not only a good eye for ground-breaking social, technological and economic developments, but also solid craftsmanship – we deliver both. We accompany our customers step by step: from the briefing to the research, to the designing and implementation. There is no solution without pausing to think, questioning, rethinking. As problem solvers, sparring partners, external marketing department, we are in direct contact with you.

Leipzig–Peking // 莱比锡 – 北京

With our office in Beijing we are expanding our range of services, accompanying companies into new markets and looking after European and/or Chinese brands on their way into the other culture. For this, we adapt the brand presences to the respective requirements of the markets. With our team in Beijing and close cooperation between the two sites, Kollaborat is an ideal partner for expanding medium-sized companies.

Engineering Brands

Kollaborat charges up brands, regardless whether their products or services appear purely rational at first glance. We are designers and strategists and regard ourselves as brand engineers: we follow defined processes, which are flexibly and skillfully adapted to the respective problems of the customer. Research and analysis are pre-requirements. Strategy is a condition. Design is communication. Branding is more than a company. – Engineering Brands.