Why does my company need a uniform corporate design?

To make one’s own company distinguishable from competitors, to act as an aid to orientation for the customers, to create identification externally and internally. To put it briefly: professional companies communicate professionally, and a corporate design supplies the basis for this. 

And are there any other benefits?

It contributes to the retention of customers, motivates your employees, keeps competitors at a distance and provides stability even in times of crisis.

Do you work with a uniform style that is always recognisable – or can you do things differently?

We cultivate a style in our way of working. This becomes recognisable in our strategic approach. The results can therefore rarely be associated with us, we value the personalities of our customers too much for that. We are designers, which is to say service providers – not artists. Nevertheless, we like to surprise our customers with something new, especially with the right ideas. 

What, for you, is the difference between advertising and design?

One is loud, the other quiet, more light-footed in the best sense of the expression. Or to put it differently: one is aimed at the immediate present, the other is still relevant tomorrow.

What are your guiding principles when it comes to reworking a company’s brand presence?

A reworking does not have to be a revolution. Because what would that be except an upheaval, jeopardising the greatest good: being credible, authentic. If, however, a company is profoundly transforming itself, it would be dishonest not to adapt the company’s brand presence in keeping with this. When we rework a brand presence, we look at the elements that are already there and, to a certain extent, give them the form that they demand. In the broadest sense, we develop vessels – and do not have to twist anything for this.

Can you also just design a logo for me?

Yes. But for logos to work, they require an environment – means of communication that make the company unmistakeable, or at least quickly recognisable. What counts, apart from typography, colouring, shapes or pictures is the overall impression. 

What does a logo actually cost?

We do not have any price tables. Our services are as varied as the customers’ requirements. We submit individual offers, but we have experience as a guide: we have designed logos for 500 Euro, but also for 8,000.

Do you also develop corporate designs on the basis of an already existing logo?

Yes, that is an exciting task. For this, we clarify the targeted scope and means of communication with our customers. When we have understood the basic idea of the logo, we build the required elements into a harmonious whole and demonstrate their use in example applications.

How much time has to be scheduled for a new brand presence?

That varies from case to case, depends on the scope, the urgency and our clients’ decisiveness. For smaller projects, we expect a period of at least three weeks, more extensive ones can take a good nine months according to our experience.

What do you need before you can get stuck in?

A good briefing, which we will be happy to help you with – and a budget.

When are you satisfied with a visual identity?

When it is appropriate, consistent, flexible, recognisable and timeless.