Design teaching

Design needs controversy, discourse, confrontation with small details and the big picture – and a fresh breeze. Jakob and Hendrik teach at a design academy in Leipzig and at an online academy. New impluses are reflected from the young trainees and keep us in close touch with the future generations. We encourage engagement and embrace experimentation by the blooming designers, who will get to know the whole range of visual communication.

Jakob teaches poster design and pushes this classy communication media to the edge: With image-text-relations, messages, suitableness and under usage of compositional design rules he brings the closes the context of thinking, designing and communicating.

Hendrik lectures a fundamental and an experimental way of Corporate Design. With a straight systematology complexe Corporate Identities are being analysed by his students. In short tasks and longer projects students are trained to design thoses idenities. In close connection to reality all facetts of branding are experienced and the students develop their own access to brand design.

Client: Designschule Leipzig, HSB Akademie, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai (China)
Field: Teaching and lecturing
Time: since 2012